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Environmental Policy

Skips Direct Environmental Policy

Skips Direct is committed to setting high standards of waste management and co-operating with all regulatory authorities in ensuring safe and environmentally acceptable working practices for all its activities. The Group aims to manage and reduce any negative impacts of its business on the environment, including the prevention of

This Environmental Policy sets principles, applicable across the Group, with which the separate operating companies are required to comply. Implementation of this policy is a line management responsibility within each of the separate operating companies of the Group, requiring participation of all employees.

The principles of the policy are to:

Waste Solutions

Offer a wide range of waste management and resource utilisation services to ensure that materials handled by the Group are recovered/recycled, treated, packaged, transported, and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner.


Put in place standards to ensure sound management of all sites and to operate, as a minimum, to the relevant laws, regulations and appropriate codes of practice in each of the cities/regions in which the Group operates. Ensure that all facilities operated by the Group are managed to safeguard the environment and public health.


Promote sustainable waste management, through the provision of a diverse range of waste solutions, including waste avoidance, waste minimisation, recovery and recycling. Conserve non-renewable resources by recovering energy, and promoting alternative fuels and the use of alternatives to road transport for the transportation of waste, where appropriate and viable.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitor, measure and report on the Group's environmental performance, including reporting performance in key areas. Set targets for improvement in environmental performance and report progress against them. Regularly publish this information in a Group Environmental Report, to be widely distributed.

Public Scrutiny

Provide public information in suitable and accessible forms, including in co-operation with the regulatory authorities.

Policy Development

Use the Group's experience and expertise to play a role in the development of public policy, and support and promote research relevant to the waste management industry

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